About Me

My name is Jarrod- A Registered Nurse with a background in Public Health -

I have worked remotely in isolated Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory and Far North Queensland; in Western India; in the DR Congo; I have worked in regional and remote NSW, Western Sydney and now the Eastern Suburbs. I am trained in Emergency, Paediatric, Chronic and Complex, Aged Care and Mental Health Nursing.

Over this time, I have spent countless hours working with seniors, people living with chronic illnesses and people living with disabilities. And now I’m on the cusp of delivering my own brand of healthcare to those same individuals through focusing on cosmetic and preventative health.

Original Nursing Barbers provides meaningful interactions to isolated men by taking the Barbershop to them as a mobile service in addition to providing expert clinical assessments and healthcare input through acting as an adjunct between valued customers and Allied Health professionals and physicians.

The idea ONB was born in the Aged Care Ward of an iconic Sydney Hospital. After getting ahead on my nursing duties I always tried to give my male patients a shave. I’d set up a basin with hot water and as soon as I’d place the steaming washers on their face I’d watch as my patient would relax – first with a deep exhalation followed almost immediately by the shoulders dropping as they eased into the chair. My patients were taken back to their glory days where their image – an extension of their self-respect – was regularly and meticulously groomed in the barbershops of yesteryear.

Jarrod J. Wolhuter

Since the seed of ONB was planted I’ve enrolled in a Certificate III of Barbering and Haircutting and taken on various training opportunities at established barbershops in the local community. I’ve actually converted my garage into a barbershop and am providing haircuts as a ‘what you can afford’ barbering service for people struggling in the pandemic.

Jarrod Wolhuter – Founder @ Original Nursing Barbers

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