In Original Nursing Barber’s latest development I have been asked to team up with Sharna and Co at EDGE Workshops to deliver education to adolescent men on the importance of smart presentation, and healthy personal hygiene when attending job interviews on leaving school to join the workforce.

Sharna Dawson spearheads EDGE Workshops. Sharna’s background is one dedicated to the development of emerging generations and future leaders. As owner of EDGE workshops, Sharna is a careers consultant, presenter, teacher of 20 years, qualified Careers Advisor, and Japanese and PDHPE teacher, and her passion is palpable. SD talks directly to her young audience on the realities and challenges of entering the workforce in a no-nonsense, no holds barred style that the students gravitate towards. The reason SD is so effective in her approach is because she respects her young audience enough to talk to them directly, without sugar-coating harsh realities, and through treating the soon-to-be-workers like adults and young professionals.

In a time in history where our current government is oft accused of being condescending and patronising to young, school-aged audiences SD is a breath of fresh air, and her results speak volumes.

EDGE Workshops utilises hairdressers, beauticians, stylists, and barbers to communicate its important message. The message of starting on the front foot and being competitive with others seeking out the same role; the message of resilience and overcoming adversity to improve chances of success at job interviews; the message of playing to strengths and realising that failing is actually a lesson in what not to do in future situations.

Where does Original Nursing Barbers come in? ONB is one branch of the EDGE Workshops tree that focuses on the young men by fielding questions on how to enter the workforce, ONB gives haircuts and tidy-ups to the male students who are soon to be going to job interviews. We talk hygiene routines, shaving methods and products, skin care and hair care. We talk trades vs. university degrees, and the fact that this new generation is likely to have 15+ professions over their lifetime. We talk on how the skills from each profession can transition to the next; making them stronger and more robust employees who can bring more to future employers, and expect more in return.

EDGE Workshops and Original Nursing Barbers is focused at low socio-economic areas on this project, and I have to say that the students I’ve been engaging with recently are very impressive with almost all of them able to discern whether they are going on to seek out trades or degrees. I’ve met future doctors, lawyers, plumbers, electricians, IT experts, bankers, etc. And the list goes on.

It’s great to be involved with Sharna and Co and EDGE Workshops. It’s great to be involved with schools around NSW. I enjoy speaking with new generations of future professionals, business-owners, and leaders. I love that barbering acts as the conduit for me to be able to reach out and try to impress upon young adults the skills and knowhow that will give them the edge at upcoming interviews that will pave the way for their futures.