I’ve relinquished the swab, put the hair-clippers into semi-retirement, and moved on to vaccinating.

Today, I was vaccinating people living with disabilities, and their carers, against COVID-19.

Today was a pivoting moment for me, personally, in that, I believe vaccination numbers are more important than COVID positive numbers.

Despite the anger and turmoil we’re all witness to (when we turn-on our televisions) I believe we’re on the right path outta this mess.

12 months ago we were scrambling; at present we’re still scrambling but we’re much closer to getting it correct.

This time next year, I predict, we will no longer be counting daily cases; swabs will only be for diagnostic purposes to help to determine treatment pathways; and COVID vaccinations will be commonplace (for those willing**).

This time next year I’m positive that I won’t have to retire my hair-clippers again.